Savage Worlds: Black Frost Ep 1

The first episode of William’s two-part Black Frost hard sci-fi scenario. In this episode we meet the misfits who are about to embark on an unexpected search and rescue mission.  This scenario is played in Savage Worlds at our very own gaming table and is presented with limited editing for length and overall quality, though you’ll still hear plenty sniffles and the rustling of snacks as they go around the table. If you enjoy this story, I strongly encourage you to check out our library of additional Actual Play campaigns.

The Metagamers Anonymous Actual Play series is sponsored by Lone Wolf Development, makers of Hero Lab, and Plate Mail Games!

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    Characters are also customized with advantages and disadvantages known as Edges and Hindrances. Edges and Hindrances, unlike Traits, are not rated with dice. Edges (character advantages) cost points, are based on their character Rank (Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, or Legendary), and are unlocked as the character levels up. They are also grouped by Type, which may – depending on the campaign or world – affect their availability. Beginning Edges can only be granted at character creation. Social Edges affect interaction skills. Combat Edges affect the character’s fighting skills and Leadership Edges affect group or massed combat. Professional Edges are related to the character’s job or role and affects their career skills. Power, Weird, or Wild Card Edges are supernatural, paranormal, or superhuman advantages and grant bonuses to Powers; they may not be available in mundane game worlds. Hindrances (character disadvantages) grant points and are ranked as Minor (which grants a character point) or Major (which grants two character points).

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